Guest Agreement

Short Term Stay Agreement.

This Short Term Stay Agreement (the "Agreement") is made by and between Cheshire Cat Motel ("Cheshire Cat Motel") and the confirmed guest ("Guest") as of the date of payment of the accommodation charges. For good and valuable consideration, the sufficiency of which is acknowledged, the parties hereby agree as follows:

Motel and Reservation Details

  • Motel: Cheshire Cat Motel, 1005 Gold Coast Highway Palm Beach QLD 4221
  • Reservation Period: The Booking period begins at 1400hrs on the Commencement Date of the booking, or another mutually agreed time of arrival to the property by the Guest (the "Check-in Date") and ends at 1100hrs on the Date of Departure as per the End Date of the booking (the "Checkout Date").

Key Terms and Conditions 

The General Terms and Conditions apply to this Agreement as if set out in full. At all times throughout the Reservation Period, the Guest must abide by and must cause anyone else the Guest allows in the Motel room (a "Visitor") to abide by the Terms and Conditions.

A summary of the key terms and conditions is set out below.

Visitors: Only the Guest(s) listed in the Booking are permitted to stay in the Motel room. Visitors are the sole responsibility of the Guest and must abide by the General Terms and Conditions and these key terms and conditions.

Late Checkout Fee: Unless permission is specifically granted by Cheshire Cat Motel, Guests who fail to checkout by the Checkout Time will be charged at a rate of $20 per hour beyond the Checkout Time.

Cancellation Policy: The cancellation policy is specified as per the Terms and Conditions of the Booking. 

Motel Room Rules: At all times throughout the Reservation Period, the Guest must abide by and must cause any Visitors to abide by the rules set out below:

(a) Not smoke or vape inside or on the premises of the Motel room or verandah vicinity, and must dispose of any cigarette butts outside of the Motel in a safe manner. After Guest departure, if smoke is detected in the room, a cleaning fee of $500 will be charged.

(b) Not cause or create a nuisance, annoyance, or otherwise interfere with the quiet enjoyment of other occupants of the Motel, or the neighbouring residents. Please note the Motel’s noise curfew: “There must be no excessive or unreasonable noise from guests that can be heard from outside the Motel rooms, in the general common areas, the Pool area or the neighbouring properties between 10pm - 6am daily.”

(c) There is a strict no party policy. Excessive noise from music, Guests, Visitors, or otherwise will result in immediate eviction of the whole party without exception. 

(d) Not bring pets or other animals into the Motel room without the express advanced written consent of Cheshire Cat Motel.

(e) Not move or rearrange any furniture or appliances inside the Motel room.

  • Use of the Motel Room: The Guest covenants and agrees to maintain the Motel room in a clean, orderly, safe, and sanitary condition, free of rubbish, pet excrement, refuse, nuisances, or conditions that threaten or tend to threaten the health or safety of anyone, and in a manner or condition that is aesthetically pleasing. 
  • The Guest shall not permit any use of the Motel room which is inconsistent with or contrary to this Agreement or which is contrary to applicable laws, rules, and/or regulations. No business may be conducted from the Motel room.
  • Damage: The Guest shall report any damage or issues with the Motel room to Cheshire Cat Motel upon arrival or occurrence. The Guest shall be responsible for any damage to or loss from the Motel room which occurs during the Reservation Period, howsoever caused.

Housekeeping Service Notice: The Guest rooms operate as an ‘end of stay’ housekeeping service only. Guests are to advise management if they wish rooms to be cleaned during stay, which will require an additional fee.

Fire & Fire Alarms: All rooms are equipped with certified Smoke Alarms. Fire Extinguishers are provided on the First Floor and the Ground floor in designated fire boxes. The Bungalow apartment contains a fire extinguisher and fire blanket under the kitchen sink. In the event that a smoke alarm is set off without inherent fire risk, the Guest will be liable for the callout fee from QLD Fire Department.

Vehicle & Site Security: The Cheshire Cat Motel takes no liability or responsibility for items lost or stolen from vehicles while parked on the Motel premises.

Lost Property: The Cheshire Cat Motel takes no responsibility for items left on the premises by the Guest.

Pool Area: Hours of the Pool area are 6am-9pm, and is a ‘no glass’ area. All children under 16 must be accompanied and supervised by a responsible adult at all times. Pool towels are provided in-room for Guest use in the Pool area and the beach. Guests are required to leave the pool towels in the room upon check-out. If the pool towels are not located after check out the Guest will incur a $40 fee per towel. 

The Bungalow: Guests staying in the Bungalow must treat the operating kitchen with care. At end of stay, guests are required to put all dirty items in dishwasher, and place any clean pots & pans back in cupboards. Guests must also always use the rangehood when cooking.

  • Insurance: The Guest expressly acknowledges that any insurance for property damage or loss which may be maintained on the Motel room does not cover the personal property of the Guest, and that the Guest is responsible for purchasing their own insurance if such coverage is desired.
  • Indemnification and Assumption of Risk: The Guest expressly assumes the risk of harm to themselves, their property, and any Visitors arising from their use of the Motel room and the common areas. The Guest agrees to keep indemnified and holds harmless Cheshire Cat Motel, the owner of the building in which the Motel room is located, and any of Cheshire Cat Motel's affiliates, employees, agents, representatives, sub-contractors, successors, or assigns from and against any liabilities or any loss or damage whatsoever arising from, related to, or in connection with the Guest’s use of the Motel room and/or common spaces, including, but not limited to, any claim for liability for personal injury or damage or loss of property which is made, incurred, or sustained by the Guest or any Visitors to the Motel room during the Reservation Period.
  • Governing Law: This Agreement is governed by and interpreted in accordance with local laws of Queensland.
  • Payment: Payment in full of the fees shall be due upon booking or as specified in the confirmation. Access will not be granted if payments are outstanding.
  • Security Deposit: A security deposit of $200 per room is required upon the Check In Date. This deposit will be refunded within 7 days of the Checkout Date provided no deductions are made due to:

(a) damage to the Motel room or contents thereof;

(b) debris or other mess requiring excessive cleaning; or

(c) any other cost incurred by Cheshire Cat Motel as a result of the Guest’s stay in the Motel room.

  • By paying the accommodation charges, the guest/s agree to the Terms & Conditions of the booking, and hereby give permission to charge the credit card (or other payment method) for the security deposit in the amount of $200 and authorise any amounts to be deducted from the security deposit in accordance with the conditions above. Guests agree that all payments are non-refundable per the cancellation policy above.