I’m at the Motel and there’s no reception. What do I do?
Next to the carport there is a small foyer area. On the wall it says “Greetings! Guest Information”. Under this sign are 2 QR codes. One is for guests who have already booked and are checking in, the other is for people who would like to make an enquiry to book for the night. Scan the QR code that suits you and follow the prompts! 

If you are still having issues, please contact management on 0428 938 343.
How do I contact the Motel Management?
During your stay, the easiest and most responsive way is to use the messaging service inside the Goki app. This goes directly to management. Otherwise, send a text message to 0428 938 343.
My phone battery is flat, I can’t get in my room. Is there a power outlet outside?
Yes! At the back of the property in The Terrace area - you will find an external powerpoint bank under the back stairwell. It’s been put in there to help guests with sticky situations for a quick charge.
Something is wrong in my room. What do I do?
If it’s a health or fire emergency - please dial 000
For 24hr locksmith assistance, please contact the Terry’s Mobile Locksmith on 07 5601 1820
For 24hr plumbing assistance, please contact MCH Electrical 0415 321 582
If you accidentally incur some damages to the room during your stay, best to let management know via the messaging platform on the Goki app
What do I do when I’m leaving / checking out?
- Be sure to complete the Online check out on the Goki app, so that the Motel can promptly turn the room around for the next guest.
- Make sure you log out of any streaming apps you used on the Smart TV
- Leave any damp/wet towels in a pile on the bathroom floor
- Switch off the air conditioner
- Close the door behind you- have a good long think about booking to come and stay again…!
Can I buy any merchandise?
Official merchandise will be available soon from the website
How do I leave a review?
Lave a Google Review by heading to this link
I’ve left something behind after check out. How do I report it?
Easy! For the best response time, you can use the Goki app messaging platform to get in touch directly with the Cheshire Cat management team. Bear in mind that administration hours (and therefore response times) are between 9am-6pm daily.